Doreen Rae: Fanchon and Marco Star by David Soren

This series comprises photographs and two scrapbooks, documenting the career of Pearl (Dorothy Elizabeth) Hoff (1912-2003), whose stage name was Doreen Rae. The scrapbooks contain mostly newspaper clippings, with some photographs and other texts. There are loose photographs and a few clippings, many of them apparently removed from another scrapbook. There is a short biographical sketch written by her daughter, Carolyn Mooney, who contributed these materials. (Note: This collection was originally received organized as part of the Performers files.)

Samuel "Roxy" Rothafel: The Genius Behind Radio City Music Hall by David Soren

Samuel Lionel Rothapfel, Bromberg, Germany (?), July 9, 1882 – New York City, January 13, 1936)  was better known as Roxy Rothafel.  He was not a performer or vaudevillian of any sort but rather an organizer, entertainment entrepreneur and theatrical manager who was highly successful at bringing entertainment to the masses. In addition he was interested in scoring music to film and did so working with the early Movietone process of scoring directly onto film, which was a different process from Warner Brothers Vitaphone which was a synchronous recording.