Arthur McWatters and Grace Tyson: Singing Vaudeville Comedians by David Soren

This series consists of photographs, printed matter, a newspaper clipping, photocopies, and correspondence documenting the career of Arthur J. McWatters and Grace Tyson. Arthur's surname is sometimes spelled McWaters. There is a color copy of a 1902 document from Herrman the magician, giving McWatters exclusive permission to perform one of his own illusions. A 1903 Saginaw program lists McWatters & Tyson Co. performing "Scenes in a Dressing Room." Most of the photographs are of McWatters and Tyson, but also include other performers. Some of these toured as part of McWatters & Tyson & Co. There are also photographs of Bessie Burton (of Tyler & Burton), Hal David, and Fred Nolan. One color snapshot depicts a poster of McWatters & Tyson in company with John and Ethel Barrymore. A copy of a family photograph from 1936 is included. The correspondence is from Evan S. Williams, the son of McWatters' niece Helen Southgate Williams; he donated the collection to the American Vaudeville Museum in 2004.