Jill Corey: The Overnight Sensation by Albert Kopec, David Soren

The University of Arizona is pleased to house the lifetime collection of personal memorabilia of singer/actress/television star Jill Corey and that of her major league baseball star husband Don Hoak, former all-star third baseman.

This Pennsylvania Native became a regular on television's Your Hit Parade, had her own The Jill Corey Show over CBS-tv, and was a regular on an early Johnny Carson Show after being discovered by Columbia Records as a talented singer at age 17.  She also became an actress in film, television and theater. Later in life she starred on Broadway in a second career of musical theatre following the untimely death of her former baseball star husband.

This collection contains magazines, newspapers, sheet music, photographs, DVDs, CDs, records, and other documents relating to the life of Jill Corey. The inclusive dates for this collection are circa 1950s through 2000s. The collection includes materials spanning Jill Corey’s first and second careers. Publicity materials, photographs, posters, and audio/visual material from records and movies can be found in the collection as well.