Willie, West and McGinty: The Comedy Builders by David Soren

This series comprises photographs, photocopies and other papers, and props related to the career of Willie, West and McGinty, a comedy team sometimes described as “The Comedy Builders.” The props consist of a carpenter’s apron and two large corncob-style pipes. The photocopies include a step-by-step record, attributed to Ted Corradine, of the Willie West and McGinty stage routine and a playbill for Judy Garland and her International Variety Show that includes Willie, West and McGinty, “A Billion Building Blunders.” A poster from this collection is stored separately with the Posters and Oversize Items series, Box 23.

These materials were [apparently] donated to the American Vaudeville Museum by Bill West's granddaughter, Robin Doolan Geoffrion.