Doreen Rae: Fanchon and Marco Star by David Soren

This series comprises photographs and two scrapbooks, documenting the career of Pearl (Dorothy Elizabeth) Hoff (1912-2003), whose stage name was Doreen Rae. The scrapbooks contain mostly newspaper clippings, with some photographs and other texts. There are loose photographs and a few clippings, many of them apparently removed from another scrapbook. There is a short biographical sketch written by her daughter, Carolyn Mooney, who contributed these materials. (Note: This collection was originally received organized as part of the Performers files.)

Ed Wynn: The Perfect Fool by Robin Williams

       Ed Wynn had many names over the course of his life.  From his childhood nickname ‘Izzy’ to his lasting title the ‘Perfect Fool’, Ed Wynn lived 79 years through good times and hard times.  Ed Wynn was born Isaiah Edwin Leopold on November 9th, 1886 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.   On June 19th, 1966 he died, of esophageal cancer, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.  Ed Wynn had three wives: Hilda Keenan, Frieda Mierse, and Dorothy Elizabeth Nesbitt.  He had only one child, a son Keenan Wynn, with

Eddie Cantor: Vaudeville's Most Versatile "Kid" by David Soren

Eddie Cantor (New York, January 11, 1892 - Beverly Hills, California October 10, 1964) was one of the most popular, enduring entertainers of the 20th century who was famous for vaudeville, Broadway, records, movies and television. He is the only entertainer to have been so successful in all of these media over such a substantial period of time. As a comedian he didn't really do stand-up, as a dancer he was more of a hoofer and as a singer he had an average voice but what he did have was personality to burn and a remarkable ability to distinguish good comedy writing.

Elsie Janis: Vaudeville's Heroine of World War I by David Soren

Elsie Janis (Born Delaware, Ohio 1-16-1889 – Died Beverly Hills, California 2-26-1956) was an American vaudevillian, Broadway superstar and World War I heroine who was once one of the most famous women in show business. While a little child she showed a gift for mimicry which was encouraged by her divorced mother Jennie, who was the ultimate stage mother.

Emma Carus: Vaudeville's First Lady of the Land by David Soren

Emma Carus (March 18, 1879 Berlin, Germany - November 18, 1927, Venice, California) was the daughter of an opera singer and a classical music concert manager, although very little is certain about her early life. As a child in Berlin, she had voice training and remained with her family for some years, no doubt learning to speak German and speaking English with a slight accent. The family emigrated to America probably due to difficulty getting work and Emma began working in a hotel where she also sang. Songwriter Monroe H.

Evelyn Dall: The Bronx Bombshell by David Soren

Unknown in America, always and to this very day, Evelyn Dall   (January 8, 1918 Bronx, New York – March 10, 2010 Phoenix, Arizona) became a mega-star in England during World War II.  Born in the Bronx as Evelyn Mildred Fuss and the daughter of a poorly paid postal clerk, she left school at age 15 to try her luck in American vaudeville in a knockabout threesome called The Sidesplitting Funsters in which she was whirled about like a rag doll and beaten up in the slapstick routine and was forced to quit.  Despite being only 16 she lied about her age to join the Billy Rose Revue at the Casino d

Evelyn Nesbit: Fame and Scandal by Kacie Lillejord

Vaudeville star Evelyn Nesbit was born on Christmas Day, 1884 in the village of Tarentum, Pennsylvania,  just outside of Pittsburgh. Evelyn had one brother, Howard born several years later. Unfortunately, when Evelyn was just eight years old, her father passed away. His death left the family in financial ruin, and Evelyn’s mother took her children to Pittsburgh in an attempt to find a job to support the family. She frequently moved from place to place to avoid paying rent.

Frank J. Sidney: The Great Sidneys in Vaudeville by David Soren

This series consists of photographs, negatives, papers, and an ad printing block, documenting the career of Frank J. Sidney. The photographs depict a circus tour in India as The Great Sidneys, a performance troupe tour in Australia in 1908, troupe portraits in Johannesburg in 1913, and some acrobatic acts. Some of the photographs are annotated. From 1922 to 1925 Frank J. Sidney & Co. appeared in B.F. Keith's and other theatres in Brighton Beach, Jersey City, and Philadelphia. His act at that time was called "A Morning in a Sportsman's Garden", and featured "Zillah the Singing Dog."